Июн 26 2002

The Effect Of Highway Construction On The South Eastern Black Sea Marine Ecosystem

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The Effect of Highway construction on the South Eastern Black sea Marine Ecosystem

Kadir Seyhan, Semih Engin, Evren R. Mazlum, Sefa Demirhan

Faculty of Marine Sciences, Black Sea Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey

A highway construction has been in progress for more than 4 years on the Eastern Black sea of Turkey. It has been argued that this construction process, where filling the sea to make the road is also occationally taken place, would affect the marine ecosystem. Therefore since the onset of the construction We have been watching the coastal line and the ecosystem itself how to react the construction. The result is very interseting.

In this study we will share the information obtained over two years with people working on and with those the Black Sea are meaningfull to them, in terms of the biodiversity and the use of the coast.

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