Июн 01 2002

Coastline Use In Turkey And Coastal-zoning

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Coastline Use in Turkey and Coastal-Zoning

Plan Relations

Nihat Akyol and Faik Ahmet Sesli

Department of Geodesy & Photogrammetry Engineering,

Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey

Turkey has an area which three parts of it surrounded by sea. In recent years, most of these shorelines have been settled up by public sectors, tourism and time off housing purposes behind legal land use. As a result, use of coastal areas can not be properly developed in stead of legal restrictions and rules.

In this study, almost 28 settlement areas examples which are mostly on the city level and on shoreline have been examined by zoning planning management perspective. For future planning, especially public use areas on plans are observed and their use has been discussed with some suggestions.

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